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Interaction Design

We bring health to your life.
SimpleCare is a health care and social mobile APP targeting at bringing the community together to help with elderly and people with disabilities. The APP aims at reducing the disadvantage of current emergency (911) system so that the patients would be able to receive the proper emergency aid immediately.

  • Emergency Call
  • Heath updates
  • Community servic
  • Social networkin
  • Planner
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Glamor Jewelry

Web Design - HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP

"C" symbolized peace, joy and prosperity in China. When the goddess Nu Wa melted together various kinds of coloured stones and with the molten mixture patched up the sky, some fell down and turn into precious stone and prarls.It comes from The heritage of the millennium, Luxury jewelry brand "C" selects top-precious stones, uses the Royal pure handmade arts and crafts, each jewelry incamated the Chinoiserie art and crafts.

  • 25 Valid Pages
  • Awesome Sliders to work with
  • 20 Patterns
  • JQuery Dropdown menu
  • Pricing Boxes
  • Working Google Maps
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Expo 2010 Shanghai

Industry Design

“Enjoy work, enjoy life!” Stationery franchise gifts of Expo 2010 Shanghai China. EXPO2010, Each letter is a stationery.A basic office supplies are accommodated together that make everything is well-organized.Quality stationery brings a pleasure and enhance the quality of life.All clever combination of full interpretation

  • Card case, notes boxes
  • Tape cartridge
  • Punch
  • Paperclip box
  • Thumbtack box
  • Quartz clock
  • Stapler
  • Pen case
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Paka Office

Interior Design

My creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and art aesthetics, and enhancing staffs quality of life and work
Following a systematic and coordinated methodology including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process. My creating built environments that are both functional and aesthetically attractive.

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MSN Live Pets

Game Design

Web 3d SNS online game They don’t need to use resource, but play with you freely. They are cute, naughty and a little bit naughty.They are your faithful friend that to give you pleasure and always stay with you for days and nights.

  • Desktop Activity
  • Friend Community
  • Game
  • IM Chat
  • Props Market
  • Mission
  • Blog
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Formula One

Fashion Design and Advertising Design

Formula One cars are among the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world.
A bunch of F1 fashion advertisings in the 2006 Fashion Magazine.

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Lily Ann

Computer Animation

Lily Ann is a half-human and half-monster young girl who lived in Archer planet. One day she meet a human who gave her a seeds of plants

Work Description:
  • Planning
  • Collect Content and Scripts
  • Goal of the Storyboard
  • Modeling in 3D
  • Surface textures and shaders
  • Test Renders for dimensional and surface accuracy
  • Roughing out animation timing
  • Particles and Physics
  • 3D Scene Lighting
  • Rendering
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I am Ning Sun who is a powerful and flexible designer.
From 1999 to present, I worked for some famous companies to promote their brand value of marketing. They were P&G, Disney, Caltex, BMW, Wyeth, MARTEL, Adidas etc. Also, I was hired to develop some wonderful projects, such as Shanghai Expo 2010, Formula 1, K’s Kids, MSN Pets. Those involved on Digital Illustration, Sculpting, Computer Animation, Game design, Digital Media, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Web Design, Product Design, Brand Development, Toys Design, Exhibit Design. Interior Designn and Fashion show.

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It is important of time and efficiency, that's why I place my customer at the first position, discovering and meeting my clients' requirement.


Over 12 years in different spheres of multimedia business. I have generated a grand amount of experience to form my portfolio, to enhance the commercial value of brand enterprise.


Lead the team to become winners and judge of design competitions in Expo 2010 Shanghai.


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Digital Illustration
Digital Media
Website Design
Interaction Design
Interaction Design
Game Design
Interior Design



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ECO ERA for develop of Markham live,work and commercial

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Redesign Levi’s Website

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